Jump Start Group Sessions 

Jump-Start to Freedom Group Session:

Description: This is a 45-minute group session

(limit of 25 individuals per session) with principal provider Dr. Ball.

Session Goal: Identify, address and overcome emotional and mental barriers to setting and accomplishing life goals. Goals covered can be personal, financial and/or occupational, among others. Exploration of the self can be a very useful tool in advancing towards higher levels of being.


Reviews: Embarking on this journey with Dr. Ball will definitely be enlightening and rewarding.​​

Jump-Start to Freedom Individual Session:

Description: This is a 45-60 minute individual session with our principal provider Dr. Ball.

Session Goal: You will embark upon a deeper exploration 

of your personal, emotional, social and familial stressors which may be collectively serving as barriers to achieving your personal achievements. Dr. Ball will personally work with you to identify your specific needs, and collaboratively develop a plan to overcome your barriers which are preventing you from succeeding in your goals.

Reviews: Embarking on this journey with Dr. Ball will definitely be enlightening and rewarding.​​

*A 50% discount on your purchase of our Trauma and Resiliency Webinar will be provided with your purchase of either the Jump-Start to Freedom Group or Individual Session. Email us at uniqueandinnovativesolutions@gmail.com with receipt for discount application. 


*Upon completion of your purchase, instructions will be emailed to you within 12 hours regarding scheduling for, and access to, either your group or individual session. 

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