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Stress Management 

Stress management is often conceptualized as a variety of techniques that are utilized to develop or improve coping skills for dealing with psychological stress. “Stress,” in general, refers to an individual’s physiological response to an external event that sets off the “fight-or-flight” reaction. Chronic stress has not only been known to produce significant mental and emotional pain, but to also lead to impairment in marital/relationship functioning, school/work performance, family functioning, mental/sleep disorders and weight gain, among other important areas of life.

Our providers are well equipped to teach our clients in need of stress management how to identify negative/harmful stress, learn/improve coping skills and achieve goals (e.g., weight loss, marital functioning, performance at work)


Weight Loss via Stress Management


Millions of Americans struggle everyday with weight concerns and there is often considerable frustration associated with unsuccessful or limited successful weight loss attempts. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of how the presence of chronic stress is directly related to weight gain and can impact how successful dieting, exercise and other weight loss interventions will be.  Our providers are able to teach our clients with weight management goals about how stress affects their weight loss efforts and techniques for reducing stress to maximize losing pound.

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