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We understand that millions of people seek psychological services, even those without mental health conditions, to improve their day-to-day lives.  We believe that all of our clients can benefit from working

with a mental health provider to improve aspects of life ranging from decision-making skills, goal-setting, symptom reduction, assertiveness training, communication skills, work performance, athletic performance, anger management as well as interpersonal skills. Psychological intervention often helps clients to grow, recover and reclaim their lives through development of new perspectives as well as new skills to better manage or eliminate identified issues.


We offer our clients psychotherapeutic interventions for primary mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders.

Common disorders seen at Unique and Innovative Solutions include (but are not limited to):​​​

Trauma Disorders

Depressive Disorders

Substance Use Disorders

Anxiety Disorders     

Marital/Couples  Counseling

Bipolar Disorder

Sleep Disorders

Panic Disorder                   

Individual, marital and group therapy is available at Unique and Innovative Solutions to better assist our clients with alleviating their mental health symptoms and improving their capacity to live more productive and happier lives.


We serve both children and adults in either short-term solution focused therapy or long-term intervention.

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