Unique & Innovative Solutions performs psychological and disability assessments and evaluations to assess potential mental learning or physical disabilities impacting functioning in school and/or work.  These evaluations identify and diagnose mental health conditions ranging from ADHA and Autism in addition to assisting our clients with their social security disability applications, personal injury claims etc. 



Assessment Types: Intellectual, Academic and Emotional/Behavioral Assessment Services

Subject Group: School-Aged Children, College Students and Adults


 Assessment Goals:  Assist those seeking a specific or comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation to diagnose mental health and/or learning disabilities that may negatively impact functioning in school and/or work.

Previous Diagnosis: Child and adult ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.


*Specific evaluations will target a specific issue such as math or reading ability.

Comprehensive Evaluations Areas:

Intelligence Cognitive


Memory, Attention,

Academic Achievement 

Language Functions

Socio-Emotional / Behavioral Development

Executive Functioning

Strength and


Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the comprehensive evaluation?

The length of the comprehensive evaluation will vary depending on which tests are administered and how many.

How many interviews have to be completed?

Typically, the diagnostic interview will be completed on the day of the initial appointment and testing will be completed across subsequent sessions

What is the expected test result turnaround time?

Detailed reports will be provided within a reasonable timeframe, which is usually within 10 business days following the collection of all interview/testing results.

How will I recieve and understand my results?

The information derived from the comprehensive evaluation is compiled into a detailed report that includes explanation of the testing/interview results, a diagnostic interpretations as well as recommendations for effective remediation and accommodations to improve school/work performance.



Our Goals: To provide disability assessments and functional capacity evaluations to assist our clients with their social security disability applications, personal injury claims, work capacity and occupational limitations/restrictions.


The Process: Evaluations include a review of any mental health/medical records provided to us along with a diagnostic interview focusing on developmental, social, educational, legal, behavioral and mental health histories. Where clinically necessary, psychological testing will also be completed to clarify diagnostic impressions as well as further identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of our client.

Additional Services: Completing disability forms from the state, Veterans Affairs or human resources and forensic consultations (e.g., personal injury lawsuits).

Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the disability evaluation?

Most disability evaluations will be completed in a day and can range in during from one to 3 hours depending upon the time spent completing the diagnostic interview and whether or not testing is included. Clients may be required to complete self-report questionnaires prior to their scheduled appointment, which can reduce the duration of the overall process.

What is the expected turnaround time for results?

Following the collection of all relevant information, to include any testing results, our client can expect to receive a detailed report within a 5-day turn around.

What type of detailed information does the evaluation include?

Each of our disability evaluation reports will include information on any mental health diagnoses rendered, pertinent historical factors leading to the development of any diagnosed condition(s), details on functional capacities/limitations as well as recommendations for disability disposition or accommodations.